• Another Satisfied Royal Reader – Donna Cade – State Farm Agent

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  • “I need the Sequel.  I’ve finished the book.  I loved it you did the damn thing 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ! CaPrea Ross – Sweet Lady Kicker Board Member

    Royal Reader
  • “This is what I’m on tonight.”  Alan Robinson #AnotherRoyalReader

    The CREW Novel
  • “I couldn’t put it down.  The CREW Novel should be a movie.” Rhea Johnson

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  • “On jury duty, Just finished the book! Very good read.”  Cheers – Charles Bradley

    Another Satisfied Royal Reader. #TheCREW
  • “Good Book!  I couldn’t put it down!  So proud of you!!” Lakeisha Butler

    Another SATISFIED READER!! Order your Copy Today!1 #TheCREW
  • “I enjoyed the read, waiting for the next sequence.” Ms. Yvonne Ball

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    The CREW NovelThe CREW, Elder Approval, Readers are Leaders, Order Today
  • “Hey my love! I finished the book in a 2 day span. Good read. I’m so proud of you & can’t wait for the sequel. Love you”  Mercedes Hickman

    The CREW Novel –Good Read, Readers are Leaders, Self Published, Best Seller
  • “So Proud of my Sista Sista Crew Royalty!! May you continue to be blessed you’re a true visionary that’s making power moves! Wishing you much success!!! Love you!!” Christa Rogers

    The CREW Novel - ATL Book Signing
    The CREW Novel – ATL Book SigningThe CREW, Urban Fiction, Best Seller, Buy yours today
  • I am so amazed and proud of my client/friend/agent Ceia White. I remember years ago when you first had the ideas for building The CREW Royalty Brand. Now to see everything you spoke come to fruition is mind-blowing. THE Crew Royalty Apparel line, the videos, the soundtrack and now the book as well as the website have all been a huge success. Thank you for allowing LaBella Web Designs to help bring your vision to life with thecrewisroyalty.com. I will never forget how you took a chance on me when I was brand new to […]

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